Boosting robotics research towards the market

Our company

We bridge the gap between state of the art research
and innovative products


We are a start-up company that provides expertise and project execution on robotics and artificial perception systems.

Our competences include system architecture conceptualization, artificial perception, mechanics, kinematics, algorithm design and software development.


We have brought robotics to clients ranging from manufacturing companies to artistic installations or high tech start-ups.

Our skills can be applied to robot design and prototyping, human-machine interfaces, visual and performing arts, custom automation, domotics, flying machines, ... you name it!

Meet the founding team

Our team combines robotics research expertise in the domains of perception, planning and kinematics, and industry experience in the aeronautics, space, and mechanics sectors.

Andreu Corominas

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Andreu is a telecommunications engineer and PhD researcher in robotics. After working in the space sector, he moved to mobile robotics domain more than ten years ago, where he has experience as an engineer, consultant and researcher.


Carlos Rosales

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Carlos is a mechanical engineer and PhD researcher in robotics and automation. He has ten years of research experience in the domains of robot kinematics, dynamics, and planning.


Oriol Bohigas

Founder, Chief Science Officer

Oriol is an aerospace engineer and PhD researcher in robotics and automation. He has more than ten years of professional experience in the space, aeronautics, and robotics sectors as an engineer, manager, consultant, and researcher.


We are your partner if you need robotic technology
within innovative products

Beta Roβots work style is driven by a knowledge sharing philosophy. We work with our customers to provide a final product, but also to share the whole development itinerary with them, giving a key importance to the joint learning process and knowledge transfer.

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