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We take care of all the onboard and server software. From low level control to high level business intelligence.

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We help you in the development of your new vehicle and will support you once it is working.

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We train you and give you tools. Once the mobile robot is working, you can do all by yourself.

Case studies


Beta Robots provides the omnidirectional Moby platform with software modules for navigation, control, docking, factory integration, operation and fleet management, smart monitoring, and more.


The Tandem omnidirectional heavy-loads platform is powered by Beta Robots software modules. Easy integration with a factory to autonomously receive, move, and deliver several tones of payload.


The software development for the ROBMOV autonomous robot has been lead by Beta Robots. Multiple processes interact to achieve fully autonomous warehouse integration.

"The robot is a mechanized platform fully parameterizable which simplifies and speeds up the movement of materials to the production plant. Thanks to its capacity to detect, overcome obstacles and correct its trajectory, minimizes timeouts, delivery errors and labor accidents."

Pedro J. Jiménez
WW Digital & Service Brand Manager & Business Development in COMEXI GROUP


The company core is the human team: a broad set of skills, knowledge,
experience, and good communication

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Dynamics and Control

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