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We develop tailored and ready-to-use solutions for advanced robotics

Mobile robots

Enhance your mobile platforms with components for vehicle motion, navigation, visual/lidar docking, task scheduling and fleet management.

Industrial manipulation

Employ robot manipulators to perform bin picking, machine tending, and finishing operations, or to assist the positioning of heavy loads.

Smart metrics

Track performace indicators of your robot operation on the cloud, analyze them on interactive dashboards, or use them to offer your robots as a service.

Artificial perception

Process data from multiple sensing modalities to capture changes in the environment and react with high-quality and robust feedback.

Human-robot interaction

Interact with robots and control them in a friendly way from multi-platform user interfaces, joysticks, or even using human gestures.

Factory-robot interaction

Move to Industry 4.0 by letting your robots interact with doors, elevators, conveyors, safety systems, PLCs, and ERPs of your business.

Hardware integration

Equip your robots with state-of-the-art hardware components like 2D/3D cameras, radars/lidars, IMUs, motor drives, tools and grippers.

Custom robotics

Imagine your new robotic system and let us support you with algorithm design, simulations, calibration, or custom mechanics.


Discover our hardware and software products to operate your robots and provide them with enhanced funcionalities

Choose your motors, connect them to the drives, and take control of your joints with the IMCDrives interface!

Equip you mobile robot with advance motion capabilities and high-level manoeuvres with an embeded twistIO.


Find below some customer cases where our solutions have been applied


Beta Robots is helping Newborn solutions by designing custom hardware mechanics and software components for the Neosonics device. Neosonics is a sophisticated system for infant meningitis screening, using high-frequency ultrasound technology that requires precise micro-motion.


The system architecture and software development for the ROBMOV autonomous robot has been lead by Beta Robots. Multiple processes interact toghether to achieve autonomous navigation, automatic load transfers, task management, and factory/warehouse integration.


We are helping machining companies automate their processes with robotic systems able to perform bin picking and complex maching feeding operations by combining human-robot teaching with automatic part recognition and compliant motion control.


We have developed a easy-to-use deburring application for molded plastic parts that integrates a high-technology ultrasonic tool. The deburring process can be very quickly configured for each part using just a one-hand joystick, and can follow curved surfaces.


We are specialized in developing state-of-the-art hardware and software components for advanced robotics systems. We help our customers to build better and cleaner solutions to automate and optimize their processes.

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CTO and Product Manager

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CSO and Project Manager

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