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Robotics Engineer

At Beta Robots we are developing a new product for industrial applications based on parallel robots.
As a robotics engineer, you will be involved in every aspect of the development, including mechanical design, electronics, kinetostatic and dynamic control, model identification, calibration, programming, and commissioning. You will be able to decide which of these areas you want to focus on, and will take leadership on one or more of them. Working on other projects of the company is desirable and will be encouraged.
Conditions are flexible and arrangements can be made to adapt to your preferences.
Level: Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics Masters.
Duration: Permanent position
Apply by sending an email to jobs@beta-robots.com


We are always looking for energetic interns to join our team in the engineering, computer science, mathematics, or similar domain. Send us an email to jobs@beta-robots.com if you are interested.