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We provide all the software your mobile robot needs for your customer applications

We are your partner

The only partner with a complete software solution for mobile robots

All the software you need

We take care of all the onboard and server software. From the low level tuning and programming of motor drives, through sensor integration, motion control, safety, navigation, fleet management, IT interfaces, data monitoring, and up to high level business intelligence.

Your mobile robot partner

We help you in the development of your new robot and will support you once it is working. We will provide practical guidelines for the design and building of your autonomous mobile robots, and we will accompany you to reach successful deployments.

Fully independent

Once the mobile robot is working, you can do all by yourself. We train you and give you tools, so you can autonomously deploy fully-functional mobile robot fleets at your customer site when some experience is gained, and still rely on us for high-level support.

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Meet Our Team

The company core is the human team: a broad set of skills, knowledge, experience, and good communication.
Andreu Corominas
Hi all

Sensor fusion, localization, slam, calibration, and perception.

Andreu Corominas
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Good day

Robotics, mechanics, motion design, product development, and systems integration.

Carlos Rosales
Product development
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Robotics, aerospace, management, data, and visuals.

Oriol Bohigas
Business development
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Yes, it's me

Kinematics, dynamics, optimization, and control with applications to robotics.

Ricard Bordalba
Robotics engineer

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